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The rich cultural heritage of Epirus
Nearby Attractions

Nearby Attractions

Treasures of Natural & Historic Importance

So many beautiful places to discover once in Epirus! For more details, our Concierge will provide all the information for your short escapes around Grand Serai Congress & Spa!
Nearby Attractions

Rivers of Arachthos and Voidomatis

Settings of immense natural charm are the main part of Epirus’ charm, and the gorge of Vikos, as well as the riversides of Arachthos and Voidomatis, are some of the spots that made the nature of Epirus so famous around the world. 

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Metsovo is another wondrous village with ski resorts, a cultural centre brimming with imposing architecture and countless sightseeing opportunities. Make sure to taste the exquisite metsovone cheese, as well as the highly celebrated local wines from the Katogi Averoff Winery. 

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Theatre of Dodoni & Necromancy of Acherontas

One of the largest ancient theatres in the country, built in the 3rd century B.C. and the oracle (necromancer) of Acherontas River, where the gate to Hades was according to legend, are two of the most significant monuments not only of Epirus but of Greece as well. 

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Syvota is perhaps the most exotic destination Greece has to offer; sandy beaches popping up from the edge of dense forests and kissing emerald waters, a loved pit-stop during sailing cruises and a destination worth exploring, just an hour away from Ioannina City!

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The Epirus Riviera as it is also known, promises memorable seaside moments with cosmopolitan flair and an irresistible island vibe. Parga’s old town with the quaint architecture and amazing sunset views is a destination that leaves no one unmoved. The area’s authentic character is evident in every step you take, and Epirus will make you fall in love with it in no time; begin exploring now!

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Zagorochoria & Tzoumerka

The exquisite Zagorochoria, a group of charming traditional villages scattered on the mountain slopes of Pindos such as Papingo, Aristi, Tzoumerka and Kalpaki, offer a literal journey back in time and into local rustic gastronomy that is definitely worth spending a day – or more exploring. Kalpaki is home to the intriguing War Museum. 

Grand Serai Exclusives
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Easter Offer

Exclusive Offers

Grand Serai Congress & Spa invites you to experience Easter in Ioannina.

Explore the beauties of Epirus region and experience a traditional Easter with spit roast lamb.

Book your accommodation with breakfast or half board and enjoy a luxury stay.

* Easter delicacies are offered *

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Holy Spirit

Exclusive Offers

Soak up the sun by the pool!

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Digital Nomads

Long Stay

For our guests wishing to combine pleausre with business, the Grand Serai is the ideal hotel to work remotely.

Special booking code: NOMADS to view our offer!

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Exclusive Offers

Discounts, upgrades and special packages for a great experience. Book now and enjoy your stay!

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The Best of nature

Out & Around

Discover the city of Ioannina and Epirus region with our tailormade suggestions. 

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The Reign of Tranquillity

Enter a world where your utter relaxation is our only goal, where body and soul reach perfect balance!

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Exciting Activities

Things to Do

Thrilling activities that you can't miss in Ioannina region for history and nature lovers.