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A City of Legends and Good Life
The regal Ioannina City


Nestled in the heart of Epirus, coddling Lake Pamvotida, lies the great city of Ioannina. A town of stately grandeur that maintains its noble character of the Ottoman era and brimming with beautiful historical sites and nostalgic corners that blend seamlessly with modern days. Ioannina is a heavenly destination of past-epochal majesty, and a famous Greek saying calls a bon-vivant as a “Pasha at Ioannina”, making this city the synonym of good-living!

When exploring Ioannina, the lake dominates the scenery, and a trip to the islet where Ali Pasha resided is an experience you should not miss, to admire the Pasha’s palace with all the legends that accompany it. Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try local delicacies like the unusual frog’s legs, the delicious desserts and sherbets and to purchase exquisite silver artworks. 

Next stop on your itinerary, the castle of Ioannina will surely enchant you, and make sure to visit the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina in the castle’s Acropolis, also known as “Its Kalé”. The Archaeological Museum showcases findings from several historical sites such as the Dodoni Theatre and the Necromancy of Acherontas, whereas for an in-depth look into the rich tradition of the region, seek the Folklore Museum. Mosques, monasteries, galleries and museums, along with long strolls to the city with the cafes, restaurants and spots to enjoy the city’s life must be among your stops. 

Ioannina is a city with a distinct and robust character that resembles no other city in Greece. A blend of cultures, the reflections of history, the fusion of architecture create a vibrant city where history, nature and beauty blend an inviting allure to living an experience where past and today become one in a very soothing way!

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