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Exciting Activities for Nature & History Lovers


Sightseeing in and around Ioannina

Sightseeing is a must live experience in Epirus and Ioannina, and our concierge will guide you to the best in the area. Please read below some more information about the activities you can enjoy as you stay with us!

Wax Museum of Greek History by Paul Vrellis

Renowned sculptor Paul Vrellis brings to life eminent figures and significant events of Modern Greek History with his natural-sized wax exhibits showcased in the Wax Museum, just a few minutes’ drive from Ioannina City. An artful and exciting look into Greece’s past.


The Ali Pasha Museum

Take the short boat ride to the island in the centre of Lake Pamvotis, to the monastery that hosts the museum. An exhibition of historical documents, artefacts, weaponry and folklore items give us a look back in time to the pre-revolution era of Greece.


The Cave of Perama

Explore the magnificent Perama Cave, a grand natural spectacle with multiple chambers adorned with impressive stalagmites, stalactites and columns of immense geological value. Also featured, an exhibition of fossils, geological and paleontological findings such as bones and teeth of a cave-bear. 


The Castle of Ioannina

Also known as Its Kalé, this mid-Byzantine era Akropolis is an enchanting castle-city brimming with history and nostalgic allure. Make sure to visit the museums hosted in various buildings of the castle, the palace and the towers with the breath-taking views to the lake. 

Outdoor Activities for the Adventurous

The entire region of Epirus is a popular destination for thrill-seekers, offering a multitude of exciting outdoor activities. Immersed in the picturesque mountainous region of Pindos rafting, hiking, river trekking, mountain bike and canyoning aficionados find the perfect spot for unforgettable adventures!


The restless waters of Arachthos and Voidomatis promise a thrilling rafting adventure immersed in ravishing natural beauty. Several adventure teams provide transportation and equipment for rafting excursions, as well as experienced guides to assist you, according to your level of rafting expertise. 



There are several intriguing hiking routes in the region, such as the path to the Kouiassa Poulliana bridge and watermill, the route from Syrrako to Kallarytes and the “Hunters of the Ice Age” in the Voidomatis Valley trail, just to name a few. 


Mountain Biking

Look for the hills of Drosia and Frontzos, as well as the old road from Gerakari village and the Loosetrail DH if you seek exciting mountain bike trails immersed in beautiful natural landscapes. Mountain bikes rentals are available in several locations.



With a multitude of gorges in the Zagorochoria and the Tzoumerka regions, canyoning is an activity growing in popularity in Epirus. Some of the most interesting canyoning routes, with or without rappels are at the Vikos, Vikaki, Pappapidima and Klifkis gorges and many more to discover!



Three resorts for skiing and snowboarding attract winter-lovers to their snowy slopes; Anilio, Karakoli and one of Greece’s favourite ski resorts, Profitis Ilias at Metsovo. Enjoy the most captivating activities in a beautiful scenery, perhaps the best highlight of the Epirus region. 


Island-Hopping Cruises and Excursions

The neighbouring Corfu and Paxoi Islands are perfect destinations for island-hopping escapes to the Ionian Sea, a refreshing break that combines the coastal beauty of the region with unforgettable experiences at some of the most picturesque islands in Greece!

Grand Serai Exclusives

Ash Monday

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March 25th

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Grand Serai Congress & Spa invites you to experience Easter in Ioannina.

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Discover the city of Ioannina and Epirus region with our tailormade suggestions. 



The Reign of Tranquillity

Enter a world where your utter relaxation is our only goal, where body and soul reach perfect balance!


Exciting Activities

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Thrilling activities that you can't miss in Ioannina region for history and nature lovers.